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Slot Wall

We have a full line of slot wall panels and accessories. The panels are incredibly strong, rugged and waterproof; in your choice of 5 designer colors and wood grains. It’s engineered for a lifetime of hard use. The storage panels are molded of a thermoplastic material that is waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew.
The color and wood grains go throughout the panel, and not just on the surface. Dirt can be wiped away with a sponge and surface blemishes can be erased easily. This system was designed to be the most capable storage system available anywhere. You can start with one panel and one hook, and then when you need more storage easily add on.The system provides home organization that can grow with you and will look as good in 10 years as it does today.
Our system includes a full range of accessories including storage for tools, gardening, sports and automotive and give you unlimited possibilities for storage and organization. The accessories are built for years of demanding performance. Superior construction and the finest commercial grade materials were used throughout. They are so strong we even include a lifetime warranty; if one ever fails we will replace it. The all metal CamLok gives you safety, security and protection. All hooks, baskets and racks feature the exclusive CamLok that locks the accessory in place with one simple twist. There is an accessory for virtually any need from large baskets and 8 foot shelves to individual hooks and organizers. No storage problem is too large or too small.

Slot Wall GarageGolf Rack

The versatility of our system makes it a perfect storage solution for basements, laundry rooms, pool houses, pantries and even a dorm room or kids play area. Our panels are modular, meaning that you can cover a wall of any height or width. The patented tongue and groove system even hides the seams! We have an accessory for almost any storage need.

Hooks, Baskets & Racks

2.5 Hook
5 Hook
7.5 Hook
Bike Hook
Cradle Hook
HD Cradle Hook
HD Deep Basket
HD Shallow Basket
HD Tool Hook
HD Universal Hook
HD Utility Hook
Paper Towel Holder Hook
S Hook
Shoe Shelf