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Metal Cabinets

Our Metal cabinet line was designed to be a better looking and better functioning all-metal modular cabinet system at an affordable price. The European-inspired cabinet line sets out to prove to the world that both product styling and innovative engineering can work harmoniously together. The door is fitted with an engineered molded expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam core. The end result is a panel that can absorb light impacts which greatly reduces the chance of door dings while also providing a lightweight method of maintaining our distinct contoured shape. This same revolutionary feature is also applied to our drawer panels.

A team of engineers together with stylists came up with a timeless design loaded with advanced engineering features never before seen on a mass-produced metal storage cabinet. For example, one such unique feature is the aerospace-inspired swing-up contoured door which swings upwards and out of the way, allowing for an unobstructed workspace. Another innovative feature is the full-face handle-less doors and drawers that deliver an aesthetically-pleasing contoured design and hide the unsightly cabinet frames that are commonly seen in typical garage storage cabinets. Finally, the integrated finger-pulls allow for effort-free opening of doors while drawers glide open with a gentle push-to-open/push-to-close mechanism. The end result is a stunning yet fully functional and modular cabinet system. The cabinets are shipped fully assembled and the all-welded steel construction means the cabinets will not flex or distort when mounting them on uneven wall or floor surfaces.

Preserving our delicate environment should be everybody’s concern. This is why the cabinets are built using components that are 100% recyclable as well as use state-of-the-art manufacturing methods that greatly reduce the scrap rate.  All the cabinet components are painted using advanced electrostatic powder-coat paint technology. Compared to regular lacquer and enamel liquid paint systems, this solvent-free process eliminates harmful emissions and fumes that would have normally been vented to the atmosphere. Lastly, the cabinets are made entirely from steel which makes for a long-lasting metal storage cabinet system. The cabinets are proudly assembled in North America. We can assure our clients a vastly superior product at an affordable price. Call us today for an estimate!

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